ethical survey

Because I didn’t get enough of ethical fun last semester, a little scenario…

Say you’ve returned from a long, perhaps three-week, vacation. You’ve left your car parked in long-term airport parking – a remote, open lot. Happily, the car is as you left it, with hardly even a cover of snow.

The parking rate is a relatively cheap $4/day, which would amount to approximately $100. You find your ticket sitting atop your dashboard, just as you left it.

You drive out to exit the lot and encounter an automatic kiosk, through which you insert your ticket (arrow side up), it tells you what you owe and you pay with a credit card. There are no tellers, or for that matter, any other people nearby. You stretch your arm to insert your ticket, when a large button catches your eye: “lost ticket”. Next to it, a sign reads: “lost ticket fee: $25”. The implication is clear: hit the button if you’ve lost the ticket, and pay $25.

So, what do you do? Hit the button, pay $25 and save yourself $75? Or pony up the full $100?

Just curious. 🙂


4 thoughts on “ethical survey

  1. Keri

    Assuming there would seemingly be no was for them to track me, or how long my car was parked, I’d totally hit the button!! And then feel guilty, but happy with my $75. 🙂

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