the bad: my apartment is a disaster, i’m out of food, cat litter and contact solution, i haven’t been able to work all week and I have at least three jobs that need my attention.

the good: feeling reasonably good about parasit tomorrow (i know, who’d have thought), and I’m actually looking forward to studying for surgery because after absolutely marinating my brain in some of the most ridiculous information (how do Listeria spp. travel from cell to cell? what is the lifecycle of Eimeria? etc.), subjects like wound healing, suture patterns and abdominal approaches during surgery sound like actual brain candy: interesting, tasty tidbits that I’ll likely use on a somewhat regular basis in the real world. UNLIKE WHAT CAUSES TUBERCULOSIS IN CAPTIVE ELEPHANTS. Stupid Mycobacterium bovis. I think.

the ugly: me. blood shot eyes, dry skin, really need a haircut, can’t bother to dress well when all I’m going to be doing all day and night is study, etc.. it’s very sad and pathetic. must get some sleep since I obviously need copious amounts of beauty sleep. But for tonight, 5 hrs will have to do. IF I can be asleep in 3 minutes, which I think I might just be able to do.

I love finals week.


One thought on “al…most…there…

  1. Lis

    You can do it! If I can do it (hopefully), anyone can! Six more exams left for me, including the one at 3 pm today. Hmm, that probably means I should get off the computer and go focus on that. Good luck!

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