Thank you, man in the blue jumpsuit

I bought a new, used couch and loveseat. I found them on Craigslist, down in Des Moines, and since I’ve been stuck with just my little blue formerly-office couch for the past year or so, I decided they were an excellent investement. Trying to relax on a couch with your legs hanging off the end is not an easy thing (though for the record it worked just fine when it was in my office and I had just just finished an overnight shift and was about to start a new day at my day job).

And so, yesterday afternoon I recruited two of my dear, sweet, female friends, and one of their boyfriend’s trucks, and down to Des Moines we went. Picking up the pieces wasn’t particularly difficult, as they were both at ground level, and relatively easily hoisted into the truck. Once we got back up to Ames, however, the situation became a bit more dire. I live on the 2nd floor, and there is a turning stairwell and sharp angles into my apartment. With a great deal of time and pretty much all of our physical strength and resolve, we managed to carry, pull, push, shove, etc, the love seat into my living room. The couch was a different story. We got it into the downstairs lobby and stood for a while gathering our resolve and trying to figure out how the hell we’d be able to maneuver it around the turns, and lift it at the same time.

As we deliberated, miraculously a man came down the stairs dressed in a blue suit from a local moving company. He was like a sofa moving angel. He listened to us for a few moments, clearly wanting nothing whatsoever to do with us, but ultimately offered to take one end (he was probably afriad that once we started, we’d block the stairwell for a few hours).

We did not, in any way, try to discourage his help. And so he grabbed one end, and the three of us the other, and basically carried it up the stairs and through the two doors with us just pushing behind him. We were so giddy with relief that we didn’t have to do it ourselves we were hysterically laughing. It was fabulous.

Iowa strangers are so freaking nice. I had a similar experience with my car accident last year – it was freezing, and a blizzard, and i was stuck in the middle of an icy, dangerous intersection, and yet still people stopped, neighbors came out, trying to help us. It actually took about 6 guys (one in gym shorts) to actually LIFT my car off of the median. And my car isn’t particularly light.

So thank you, man in the blue jumpsuit. Without you I’m afraid the new sofa might have landed in the dumpster.

So now, I am DONE WITH CLASSES FOR 10 DAYS and incredibly happy to be so. But I have a messy apartment with too much furniture that badly needs to be rearranged. I’m watching Oprah’s show on hoarding for inspiration. My new couches are a little bit ugly, unfortunately. They’re comfortable, but they’re white (and an old dirty white), and the walls are white, so I need something to spice things up.

It’s a good time for a vacation!


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