Mondays are always so long and tiring that it is always a great relief when they end. Mondays that start with a big exam at 7:30a.m….even more so.

The exam was okay. I was worried last night, when my studying gave way to general laziness and baseball watching (this is why I’m a B student!). But I was up early this morning, and had a few hours to study, review, cram, before taking the exam. And I got fairly lucky – some of the things that I had *just* reviewed were featured. And in fairness, a lot of it I just knew because I have of course been studying. But there were those things that I didn’t know, and God forbid I actually guess correctly, ever. So who knows…not an easy A, not a disaster. Which is about par for the course for me.

But now, now it is Monday night, one of my favorite times, and I have more than a week before the next big exam, and so I can relax. A possibly bigger treat is that there is nothing of interest on the television right now, nothing whatsoever, no baseball, no reality TV, no sitcoms..and so I can sit here in my cozy apartment and study easily, and relax. And go to bed in about 5 minutes, probably.

The Red Sox are going to the world series! This is so exciting, makes me wish I was in Boston….it was so much fun in 2004, with all the normally cranky Bostonians beaming uncontrollably.

For now, Iowa will have to do.


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