for the record

I feel like I’ve sounded rather whiny and annoying lately, so I wanted to clear something up…I LOVE this semester. No really, I do. Love it. Let’s compare to last semester, by classes:

Last Semester This Semester
  Anatomy & lab (5cr) Microbiology & lab (5cr)
  Histo/Physiology & lab (6cr) Parasitology & lab (4cr)
  Pathology & lab (3cr) Pathology &lab (4cr)
  Immunology & lab (3cr) Managment Pathways (elective, 3cr)
  Case Studies (1cr) Case Studies (1cr)
  Ethics (1cr) Ethics (1cr)
  Shelter Med (elective, 1 cr) Surgery (3cr)
Credits: 20 21

So you see, I’m actually taking more credits than last semester. Yet still this semester is infinitely easier. Let’s take Case Studies and Ethics as constants, as they’re basically the same thing. And last semester the big, pain-in-the-butt classes that I was ALWAYS studying for were Anatomy, Histo/Phys, Immunology, Neuro and Path – all challenging, none came easily. So you can see why I was not a happy camper. This semester, the big, pain-in-the-butt classes are Micro and Parasite and Path. just three! And the labs for Micro and Parasite, quite in contrast to Neuro and Histo/Phys are easy and actually pretty fun and enjoyable.

Last semester was awful. I remember being excited to start it, feeling hopeful that it’d go really well. And then from like the third week, I was just constantly struggling to stay afloat. More than once I thought that I was quite likely just totally over my head and in the wrong place. (Not to say that I was alone in feeling this way, my whole class was basically in the same spot).

Last year was all about learning about the healthy states of things – how bodies are put together, how they should work. And this year will be all about sickness – bacteria and parasites and viruses and drugs.

This semester it’s so much easier to stay on top of things. I’ve worked my schedule out so that i can get the assignments required for the other classes done in a timely fashion; I’m able to get some work-work done, and best of all, I feel like I actually have a bit of a life. I have a ton of free time, seeing as how I’m out by 2 Tuesdays and Thursdays, and by 11 on Fridays. I’ve been getting up early to get assignments done (i’ve stopped trying to really study at this time since I’m just too sleepy and it’s not as effective), and then I have all afternoon to just study (and go to the gym, play, etc.). I almost never study at home, so every time I do get home I’m happy to be there and just relax, work, play with Marty and Roy, etc. It’s really quite a nice life.

So there! Don’t listen to me when I sound all poopy. I have a busy couple of weeks coming up: Parasitology and Surgery exams this week, Micro and Path then next week, and then another Micro the week after. But it’s well spaced, and though there will be stressful times, I’m not too worried. If only all semesters could go like this!


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