Tuesdays are one of my most favorite days – I get out of school just an hour or two after lunch, and on days we don’t have Surgery lab, I don’t have to be at class until 9. But now, it’s 9:30PM and I am exhausted. Here’s a rundown of my productive day:

5:10AM: Up, shower, etc.*

5:50AM: Leave for school, grab coffee on my way

6:10AM: Microbiology lab to read test results from yesterday (this time, my unknowns are Salmonella arizonae, in the natural flora of turtles, and Klebsiella pneumonia, an organism that can cause UTIs in dogs, among other things).

7AM: Studying parasitology in the library

9-11AM: Ethics class

11-12PM: Parasitology lecture

12-1PM: lunch with friends, study for Parasitology quiz

1-2PM: Parasitology lab, where we take a quiz and sort-of practice Heartworm detection

2-5PM: Studying at a coffee shop – study a surgery module (Treating hypovolemic shock), write a paper for ethics (did you know that it’s only been as recent as the late 1980s that infants would be given pain medications DURING open heart surgery? Isn’t that horrifying? Not too long ago, the ability to feel pain was considered directly linked to the ability to voice your pain, so babbling babies and of course animals didn’t qualify. Rather than being given pain meds, they were given paralytics. Ach! Also, as a side note, 57% of abused women in shelters have had their pets killed by their abuser. Very interesting direct links between animal and human abuse, but that’s a whole other post/book.), took an online quiz on infectious diseases, and actually got a bit more work done for the animal hospital.

5-7PM: Spinning class at the gym, followed by a shower and quick drive home.

7-7:30: Cooked dinner (in microwave, poor show) and chatted w/ mom on the phone.

7:30- 9PM: Studied parasitology – pinworms. EW.

So in short, my day was about as long and as boring as driving across country. Alas.

* I woke up all tangled up in my sheets, and as I was squirming around I reached under myself to pull out the sheets and what did I grab but two lifeless furry little cat legs. I was 75% asleep, so I flung myself out of bed, completely convinced that I had smooshed Martin to death, cringing as I turned on the light and put on my glasses because I just knew that I’d find a dead, flat cat in my bed. But no, he was alert and awake, though totally unmoving. I did a quick exam and found that his legs were motile but he did NOT want to use them – he was sweet about it but when I stood him up, he’d stand for a second or two and then just lie down softly again. But after a few minutes, he was back to normal. Poor muppet, his little legs must have been all pins and needles asleep. God knows why he let me sleep ON TOP OF HIM.


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