Travel log

Last month, when I made the trek from Maine to Iowa, I kept a somewhat careful log of my travels because I thought it might at some point prove interesting. I found the slip of paper that I kept this log on just now as I was cleaning out my car (it had slipped under the seat). Here are my notes:

6:17am: leave Wiscasset

6:42am: dunkin donuts stop in Brunswick

7:55am: entered New Hampshire

8:05am: entered Massachusetts

9:13am: paid $40 for 15 gallons of gas

11am:  entered New York

3:29pm: paid $44 for 14.5 gallons of gas

4:44pm: entered Pennsylvania

5:20pm: entered Ohio

9pm: stopped a few miles west of the Indiana border for the night

Day 1 Totals: average: 29.3 miles per gallon; 65MPH; 13:50 hours driving time

6:55am: paid $34 for 12.8 gallons of gas

7:05am:  entered Indiana

10:38am: entered Iowa

11:26am: paid $37 for 13.5 gallons of gas

2:30pm: arrived in Ames

Day 2: average 70MPH*, 27.4MPG; 7:12 driving time

Totals: 21:02 driving time, 1452 miles

In short, my drive was really, really boring. But I had to share.


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