Hayrides and Rivalries

I did go on the hayride yesterday. It was fun, mostly, and I’m glad I went. We left (on the racks) around 6:15 or so. There were three tractors, each with 2-3 racks, mostly full of students. We wound our way south of town, then a few miles west, and then a few more miles north – about 10 miles, and an hour or so trip. This year there were only two stops for bathroom breaks in the corn fields, so it was a tiny bit faster than last year. It was a cold night, and I remember the same problem from last year – once the sun goes down it’s freezing, so you move close to the fire where it’s broiling. It keeps you moving around at least.

Anyway, today is the Iowa-Iowa State football game here at school, and this is THE game of the year. It is madness. People have been wearing either their Iowa shirts [Iowa is the University of Iowa, which is about two hours due east in Iowa City] or their Iowa State shirts all week. The vet school parking lot is key tailgating, so we’ve all been well warmed to not plan on having easy access to school if we plan on studying. You can see the problem here: The vet school is just southeast of the stadium, down around Christensen drive. Last night as I drove away from the hayride, tailgaters were already out in full force. Fortunately the weather is perfect for it – perfectly sunny and cool, highs in the 60s.

The Red Sox-Yankees games are all that I can handle today. I’ve got two exams coming up, so I’ll be doing nothing but studying. Yahoo.

(by the way, one of my micro unknowns definitely is Strep. dysgalactae, and the other is definitely not anthrax, having failed the penicillin susceptibility test twice. But it is a Bacillus, so all I can do is wait until next week when we learn how to differentiate the other Bacillus.  Again, yahoo.)


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