i made it

i am back in iowa. As I crossed the Mississippi (I can never ever type that out without thinking em-eye-ess-ess-eye-ess-ess-eye-pee-pee-eye in my head) for the third time now, by car, and saw the “the people of Iowa welcome you!” signs (to which I must always in my head respond “THANK YOU, people of Iowa!”) I was reminded that Iowa’s state motto is “Fields of Opportunity”. Which is a clever slogan (though certainly not as all-encompassing and succinct as “The Way Life Should Be”), but I was thinking that “Iowa: Good in Theory” would be even better.

Because it’s absolutely not a bad place! It’s really pretty, and the people are nice and they have that great fair and excellent corn, etc, etc. But still, it’s just WEIRD here. The feeling got even stronger as I got back to Ames and swung by school. Twilight zone-ish, but for absolutely no good reason. Except for me. I just don’t fit in here. Or something.

Anyway, I’m actually quite happy to be back (and SOOOO happy to not be in the car at this moment). My apartment is cuter and bigger than I remembered, and really the fact that I just parked out in front of my apartment, changed into a swimsuit, crossed the driveway to take a nice swim and then returned to my air-conditioned apartment and hung my wet suit and towel out on the balcony (at least FOUR things in there that you rarely find in a boston apartment, let alone all together) just makes me cry.

The other thing that makes me cry is that I have a ton to do. Tomorrow I’m representing my pet food company at the “exhibit hall” at the 1st year’s orientation, then the next day I’m volunteering at the fair, and the day after that is lunch w/ my freshman buddies and I’m helping out with the White Coat Ceremony…not to mention that I really want to unpack, buy some groceries and get all ready for school, which starts in just 5 short days.

For tonight, I have some cleaning and unpacking, a run, and a trip to the grocery and Copy Shop, and meeting out with friends if I have time. Thank God I’m back in Central Time so I have an hour to get everything done.


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