overwhelmed by a bagel

mexico was lovely. it was beautiful beaches, mountains, margaritas. it was all the rest and relaxation one could ever wish for. And, it was obviously a figment of my imagination because now that I am back in reality, I can’t convince myself that just two days ago I was dozing off in a lounge chair with salty beach hair, taking in the vast pacific in the sweltering heat. And I was there, supposedly.

So reality is back and because it includes expensive car repairs and a one way ticket to Iowa, I think I’m developing an ulcer. My stomach is absolutely in knots, which really doesn’t happen to me. I’m a stress-eater (sounds very harry potter, doesn’t it?), so whenever I’m worked up so much that I don’t really have an appetite, I know I have to chill out. But quite frankly, it’s kind of working for a diet technique so if you don’t mind, I think I’ll just stay on my stress wave for a bit. Ignore me.

This is an example of yesterday’s thought process:

– Geez I’m tired. Red-eye flights from Phoenix suck. I wish I had slept last night.
– Car needs expensive repair
– Maybe the repair isn’t really necessary
– Will risk not getting repair done, drive to iowa, and get it fixed there because I trust Iowa mechanics more than Boston ones.
– If I do that, really shouldn’t drive care more than I have to, i.e. can’t drive to Maine this weekend.
– Will take bus to Maine, then back, then drive to Iowa from MA.
– But I have to pick up cats
– Will bring cats back to Boston on bus! Perfect.
– Cats not allowed on bus. Even in carrier.
– Will have Mom drive cats south, will meet her somewhere in between.
– One of said cats is almost certifiably insane at present, and asking Mom to get the little bastard into a carrier, which he hates even more than anything else he hates, would just be sadistic.
– Must consult with knowledgable friends about smartness of driving broken car to Iowa.
– Don’t want to get stuck in Albany again.
– Am going to have to get car fixed at some point anyway.
– Might as well get damn car fixed now

– Yay for tax returns.

So between having a bunch of work to get done, living out of my car, crazy ass cats, needing to fix my car, needing to either repair or replace a fridge of very odd dimensions in my condo, getting tenants to sign a new lease, and wanting to actually visit my family before I GO BACK TO IOWA (wah), you can see how Meixco might seem a very distant memory.

I know it’ll all work out and what not, and the sad fact is that I should have taken care of some of this crap a while ago, but still. Eh.


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