Scalpel. Hemotstats. Other..stuff.

I (along w/ all of my classmates) got an e-mail from a professor at school telling us that they were rearranging a few classes so that our third year would be less busy, allowing us more “leisure” time for the good electives. Among these changes is that Principles of Surgery, generally the big class of 2nd year spring semester, is being broken up from one 6 credit course to four smaller courses, amounting to 8 total credits. And that we will start surgery not in the spring, but in the fall. This fall. Yikes!

I’m still on the fence as to whether this is good or bad. Here’s why:

1. The other classes we’re taking fall semester seem pretty dull: pathology (not so bad), microbiology, parasitology – ick and yawn. Ick and yawn. Repeat. Surgery – fun!
2. Surgery – fun! It’ll be really cool I think to start learning how to operate. Ha. But really the classes that give you a taste of “real” doctoring are always fun.
3. It WILL be nice to have more time during our 3rd year, as many of the more interesting electives are restricted to 3rd years.
4. Large animal surgery is now an elective – which means that if I continue down this path of small animals, I might not have to take it. But I can if I want.

1. Fall semester WAS going to be boring, but also somewhat easy at only 15 credits, which I was greatly looking forward to after last semester’s 22 credits. Now it’s 19 credits.
2. There is a lab portion of the class, but that won’t come until spring semester. I have no idea what we do in surgery lab (because we do not do surgery), but it might be weird to have them separated.
3. (potential) They haven’t announced when this class will be scheduled, but it’s a 3 credit class. And there are three glorious days which we were scheduled to not start classes until 9. The odds are painfully good that those three hours which would have been spent sleeping til 7:30, or sipping coffee over notes in the coffee shop, will be replaced with an 8AM surgery lecture. Boo. BOOOOOO.

So you can appreciate my mixed feelings. But whatever, it’s entirely out of my control and I can only hope that my dear administrators and professors know what their doing. Here’s hoping.


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