(update: The seizing dachshund from the other nigh…

(update: The seizing dachshund from the other night, by the way, went home yesterday. After his bad night he turned it around and came out of it on his own apparently. Meanwhile the bichon, in for the run-of-the-mill urinary obstruction, was still in his cage, suffering from some mild complications. No doubts that I still have a lot to learn.)

Even though it feels like it was, it wasn’t at all a bad night. If any of the following had happened another way, in fact, I’m sure I’d chalk it up as another good night:

1. If, when I got home from work and the gym at 7:30PM I had been able to get even one blink of actual sleep before I had to come in to the hospital at 11PM.
2. If I hadn’t somehow managed to lose my access badge INSIDE the hospital between the hours of midnight and 3:30AM.
3. If I hadn’t realized that my badge was missing at the very moment I really needed a coffee refill, snack and a breath of fresh air.
4a. If I didn’t have some sort of sinusy problem that had me sniffling all night and 4b. If the hospital didn’t stock only the cheapest, scratchiest tissues that money can buy and that leave my very runny nose a lovely shade of scarlet
5. If my Chow-chow patient, who was in for the ubiquitous “vomiting and diarrhea” had stopped barking for even one silent second.
6. If I didn’t have to be back at BU in two hours.

So it wasn’t a great night. But not awful, either. Not being able to sleep meant that I got to catch the season finale of House. My sniffly nose meant that I didn’t smell the rancid vomit produced by my hit-by-car patient around 5AM. And I was assigned to the ‘intermediate’ care ward, not the ‘critical’ care ward, which meant that my patients were much less critical (duh) and labor-intensive than they might otherwise have been.

I’m really really really tired though. And not at all sure that there’s enough coffee/espresso in the world to get me through 5PM.


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