On the bright side

The (only?) good thing about going to a school that is housed in a building with seemingly no windows (at least none of the study rooms/classrooms have any) is that when you’re studying there in the middle of the night in a brightly lit room you can convince yourself it’s whatever time you’d like for it to be.

I’m down to the last 36 hours (of the first of 4 years, I know, but I am trying to look on the brightside for a moment) and I haven’t failed out yet.

Even though I’ve been studying or taking exams almost nonstop for the past I-don’t-know-how-many-hours/days, since Monday I frequently remind myself that I will never have to study the comparative anatomy of goats/horses/cows/pigs/sheep ever again, and this makes me…hmmm, happy definitely is too strong a word but let’s say it gives me a bit of warmth in an otherwise chilly time.


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