Pop Quiz

1. It’s 12:13AM, and you have a final at 8AM. Do you:

a) Go immediately to bed and set alarm for 7AM because of course you’re well prepared.
b) Go immediately to bed but set alarm for 5AM so that you can get another few hours of early morning studying in.
c) Wait to go to bed until you’ve gone over all 129 flash cards you have made for this exam, then wake up around 7AM.
d) Assume fetal position, commence rocking and mumbling about inguinal canals and where you’d expect the pelvic flexure of the equine ascending colon to be in relation to all other abdominal organs.

2. It’s 12:15 AM and as you are trying to go over the 129 flash cards you made for tomorrow’s exam, one yellow cat will not stop jumping on your desk and stretching out over all of your papers. Yellow cat has been recently fed and has access to fresh water. Do you:
a) Beat cat.
b) Shriek “get off my desk! i have to study! i’m going to fail! leave me alone! go! go! leave me alone!”
c) sweetly pet the purring little beast and nudge him to the side so that you can continue your studies**.

I know, b) seemed misleading, but after being tempted to go with it, I went with c) instead. I wish my camera weren’t currently broken because he is SO freaking cute – completely stretched out across everything on my desk purring up a storm. He’s usually more standoffish. I think he’s trying to remind me that this will all be worth it because someday I’ll get paid to hang out with the likes of him.


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