Average Standard Deviation: 2.14

What is more fun than number crunching and blogging when you should be studying for seven finals?

I got to thinking back to my new year’s resolutions, and especially because of finals looming, I decided to figure out the results (so far). The dubious news is that I’ve done better with weight loss than with grades (dubious because I haven’t done THAT much better, and if I had to choose, shouldn’t I choose grades over 20lbs? I wouldn’t!).

If you’re too lazy to click, the resolution was basically to abandon my unproven belief that I was simply a B student and try really hard to get As, and see how it goes. In accordance to my learnings in 10th grade geometry, while I cannot irrefutably prove that I am simply a B student I can say that I have certainly found no evidence to the contrary. Trying really hard, doing all I could = Bs. Bs! I’m taking 8 classes right now, 3 of which are simple, 1-credit courses. In those courses I am getting easy As. But in the other five, I am getting simple Bs. Granted, one of those classes should be an A or A-, but I very foolishly ARGH screwed up an exam. Really dumb. But still we have four classes that I am trying SO hard in, and getting Bs.

I’m happy with Bs, and I’ll accept no condolences. But it is definitely frustrating. It was nice in kindergarten getting all those Os (for outstanding! I even got O+-es). I was so proud of myself. I’m reasonably smart and I see people I’d normally peg as not-that-smart getting As. So all logic indicates that I should be getting As too. And it’s not for lack of trying, though maybe it is…maybe those people are actually studying right now instead of blogging? Who knows.

The good and the bad news is that I am very consistent. Of those four classes, my standard deviation on exams taken this semester was 2.14. Which, for you people who weren’t math majors for one shining semester, means that the grades I got were all very close to each other.

This has good and bad implications for finals. The good news is that I’ll have to screw up more than I’ve screwed up ALL YEAR to drop even a letter grade. So the odds are I’ll pass! Yay! But the bad news is that I have to get 100s on all my finals to move up a letter grade. So that’s kind of a bummer.

But it takes the pressure off a little for exams. But I still have to study my ass off (even for the same damn B) because that’s just the way I am. But at least it’s a B. Or maybe a C in path. whatever. One more week!

(oh yeah, and the third money resolution? total failure. It is impossibly to budget when you don’t have a reliable income and when your outflow vastly exceeds your inflow. So my budget has basically been: don’t spend money if you can help it. It has it’s ups and downs.)


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