The sick ostrich.

It’s raining, steadily, and has been since early yesterday. I love it, actually – all I have to do is study, and so the weather fits my mood quite nicely. Also, it’s much less distracting.

Iowa is much more redeemable in the summer than the winter. The same people who can’t be bothered to shovel (let alone salt) their sidewalks eagerly pull out their garden hoes and mowers at the first signs of spring. The brown fields have already been transformed into green, or black with fresh soil as the case may be. The birds chip and just yesterday I was momentarily alarmed when, driving up to my building, I could not see my bedroom window. Where did it go? What are those green things blocking it’s normal location? Hmm. Leaves! Our leaves are out. Mostly.

Also, the weather is fantastic. It gets too humid for my taste, but still I can appreciate the heat (when it’s here). I always loved summer thunderstorms, and here we get them all the time, even in the winter. All last night – lightning lighting lightning. And it is rarely just gray and dismal, it seems – when it rains it pours, and when it sprinkles it rains. I haven’t seen my first tornado yet, but I’m waiting. Must end this paragraph before I sound like more of a Mainer than I already do.

So next week is finals. Next week! 8 days and I’m done with Iowa for three-and-a-half months. It still hasn’t sunk in, probably because I don’t want to think about the logistics of getting home. Or more likely because I can’t really imagine how I’ll actually get through finals.

Quite unfortunately, I am not a quick efficient studier. During the regular year I’m at least bothered to have more than one exam a week because I really do utilize a full 3-4 days to prepare for one exam. I know, I know, I really need to work on that. Really. But until I do, you can imagine my fear of taking SEVEN exams in four little days. It totally goes against my nature. And not any seven exams, but seven cumulative exams. Ugh.

So naturally, I have made a plan. I’ve made an itemized list of all that I need to do for each subject, guessed at the amount of time I have to do it, figured out how much time I have every day, and plugged in stuff. It won’t work, probably, but it gives me some false peace of mind.

Oh! and I’m sick. Not REALLY sick, but I feel just crappy enough to really, really want to go to bed. So I forsook (that’s a word, right?) my plan last night and got in bed by 8:30, which did help quite a bit. Just a sore throat this morning, which is easily controlled with good old Halls.

Since I have not allotted any time for unnecessary computer time, I must get back to studying. Wish me luck!

(by the way, every week in our case studies class we are assigned a case to review. This semester the modules have been such as “The Down Cow”, or “The Lazy Racehorse”, or “The Wheezing Foal”, etc, since we are mostly doing large animal stuff. This week’s was “The Sick Ostrich”, kind of just a silly one for the last week. I just like saying “the sick ostrich”, so I used it for a title. I was going to integrate it into the post, but I’m not feeling very creative. But I do need to write about our chicken dissection. I might go vegetarian any day now.)


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