It’s too bad that I’m really busy and a bit overwh…

It’s too bad that I’m really busy and a bit overwhelmed at the moment, because we’re really learning about some very cool stuff right now. Lest you think I spend all my time eating testicles and getting into car accidents, here’s a run down of my classes:

Histo/Physiology: Having gone through all of the major body systems, we’re starting at the very beginning with an embryology module. It’s really REALLY amazing material – how one little cell becomes two, then four, then eight – then begins to differentiate, grow a beating heart, a functional gastrointestinal system, hooves or claws, feet or fins. Complicated but great stuff.

Anatomy: We’ve been doing the pelvic and thoracic limbs which, though not that amazing, has some interesting aspects. It’s neat how animals differ – we people stand upright not just on our phalanges (toes), but also our metatarsal and even tarsal (ankle bones) – dogs just their toes and metatarsals, horses just their tip toe (of course they only have one toe that ever contacts the ground). Yesterday we talked about nothing more than the hoof, which is an amazing structure.

Pathology: The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of neoplasms (cancer), skin disease and now cardiac disease. As much as the course kills me, it is really interesting and as relevant as it gets for us first years (except case studies i suppose). By the way, there are at least 15 distinct functions of the skin – how many can you name? It’s a fun game us vet students play. (not really)

Immunology: Hypersensitivities, and not the emotional kind. Eh, not that interesting.

Those are the big ones. In our Ethics class we’ve been talking about swine and cow welfare, topics designed to make me go vegetarian. Case Studies…I can’t remember what case studies was this week, but next week, our last, is an ostrich case. I think it will be a nice diversion from the other large animals I’ve been unindated with of late.


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