To Do (updated!)

(I got 6.5 things done, out of 14. Considering one of those things was “eat dinner”, it’s not all that impressive. Oh well. Also, since I am definitely counting now:
3 more weeks of classes
4 days of finals
7 final exams
1 regular semester exam
9 anatomy labs (7 if you subtract the ones I’m likely to skip) – IN SINGLE DIGITS!!
1 histology labs
3 neuroanatomy labs
2 pathology labs)

1. Study 15 lectures on reproductive physiology
2. Study and take online quiz on partuition and post-partum assessment.
3. Read 15 pages of pathology.
4. Study anatomy notes on thoracic limb.
5. Get to CopyWorks to print out some test papers for a top secret project I’m working on.
6. FIle taxes. (HAHAHAHHAHAHA. I looked at the part-time resident MA tax forms yesterday and almost started crying. I could hardly decipher any of it.)
7. Easter dinner with friends at 7:30.
8. Find something good to cook, and cook it, for dinner tonight.
9. Clean apartment.
10. Review 30 proposals for this committee that I’m on, rank each proposal on 5 different points, and submit my rankings.
11. Clean out trunk of car since it is still a bit of a mess from the accident.
12. Go for a run.
13. Laundry
14. Grocery shopping for week.

Should start a pool on number of things I’ll actually get done today.


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