I’m watching Lost and it’s a Kate flashback, and the scene sets up with her on a road in the middle of a field with her car getting towed. She asks how long it’s going to be and the tow truck guy says “you busted your car up pretty bad, it’s going to need a new fan belt. Probably three days.” And she says, “3 days for a fan belt?”. “Welcome to Iowa” the guy responds. Seriously, he said that!!! Welcome to Iowa!!! HAHAHA! She’ll be lucky to see that car ever again.

My car is still in the shop. It’s been in the shop since FOUR WEEKS AGO MONDAY, which is to say more than a month. The newest hold-up apparently is that they noticed at the last minute a a deep gouge in a tire so they wanted to replace it, which is great, but no one in Iowa carries that exotic brand of tire (which I got replaced immediately at an exotic Firestone in Boston a year ago), so it took 3 days to get it in – I should get it back tomorrow. We’ll see.

Welcome to Iowa.


3 thoughts on “Apropos

  1. Jen

    Well, at least you sort of know when you’ll get your car back. I still don’t have mine…and it’s been since late January! I really may never see mine again at this rate.

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