The vet school had it’s annual open house last sat…

The vet school had it’s annual open house last saturday, and all of us ALMOST 2nd years were paired up with an incoming 1st year to show them around, answer questions and what not. I was with one of only two people from New England and she was really nice. It was fun, mostly just not being them (not that I went to the open house last year since I didn’t get in until almost June, I think). I can not wait to not be a 1st year. Sucks being the new kid.

Of course I can really not wait to be a vet entirely. I’m enjoying vet school well enough, but seriously, I can’t wait until this stuff is second nature, when I really know what I’m doing and am not always doubting myself. Doing the little computer work that I still do is soooo nice and refreshing just because it’s something that I’m actually good at. It’s a good confidence boost.

On that note, I’ve almost got my summer figured out. I have a few opportunities for employment, all of which I fully intend to take advantage of, and actually a few opportunities for living situations, so it should be a very busy, fun summer. And busy. I want to make enough money to cover the bills for this summer and hopefully a 4 months of rent for next year, so that means I’ll basically be working 24 hours a day. We’ll see how it goes.

I have an anatomy exam Friday afternoon, so back to the coffee and books I go. Have I mentioned how sick of anatomy I am? Just one month left…


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