Enjoying it while it lasts

Did you see the segment on the Today show last week sometime about sleep? The gist of it is that us Americans don’t get enough of it – you need 8 hours during which time your brain processes and records everything you’ve learned throughout the day. So it’s like in your sleep you write an e-mail to your brain, and if you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t actually hit “Send”. With the amount of sleep that I was getting, I had probably written something as intense as:

“Dear Elizabeth,
How are you doing? I am “

So since that scared the bejeezus out of me, I’ve been trying to get more sleep. And I must say 7.5-8 hrs has me feeling immeasurably better, perkier, smarter. Placebo effect, who cares. It’s probably a luxury I shouldn’t get used to.

I’ve had the most lovely 36 hours. Ever since completion of that last exam for TWO WHOLE WEEKS yesterday morning. I came home for a nap. Went back to school for anatomy lecture. Skipped anatomy lecture to go bowling with some friends (I know, dubious judgement call there, but it was kind of fun), and then came home and watched Oprah. I decided not to go out with friends last night (missed a drunken, raucous time apparently) and went to the gym, washed my sheets and towels, and made a yummy dinner instead. Fell asleep early, woke up before my alarm, visited the coffee shop and actually did a crossword this morning. Went to class all day, learned good things sort of, did a bunch of work for BU, finished my Immunology assignment and made some progress on my Shelter Med assignment, wrote this blog entry.

The luster is already starting to wear off. I have five big exams in the four weeks after Spring Break, and I don’t want to be grasping at straws. I’ll really need to use the 2nd half of break to study and get caught up on anatomy. Sad. It’s so nice when I can pretend I’m normal and not a lowly student.

But it’s fine, really, because two weeks after those four weeks of five exams are over, I am done, until my 2nd year. And I’ll be able to go home, wherever that may be.


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