I stopped into anatomy lab after classes were done for the day to poke around (yes, literally) in a horse and cow. I did a lot of anatomy reading over the weekend and it helps to actually SEE what you’re reading about to make some 3-D sense of it. Unfortunately I think I was a little overzealous in my poking because a small bit of the cuff of my sleeve smells like cow. And honestly I’m not even sure if it’s just a cow smell or if it’s dead, well-preserved cow smell. I think it’s just cow smell, but you can understand me not really wanting to investigate further. Besides, it doesn’t really matter.

We got a bunch of snow over the weekend – almost a foot. It’s gorgeous, especially thanks to the ice storm we had before the snow fell. Have I mentioned how grateful I am to have a heated garage with a driveway that someone else plows? I think it’s my retribution for living on a narrow street in Boston for so long.


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