The New Year

I’m back in Iowa, and tomorrow my second semester starts. In four short months from today my first year of vet school will be over, which is a nice perspective to consider it through. I think this semester will be quite a bit harder than last, but I feel much better prepared for it, so I think that it will all be okay.

I’m afraid of New Year’s Resolutions just because it seems like by making them I’m dooming myself to failure. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to finish typing this post without stopping to check my e-mail or or play with a cat or q-tip my ear or SOMETHING, so of course the odds of me sticking to a bargain with myself for a full 365 days seems ridiculous. Which it is. 29 years and I haven’t stuck to a resolution yet.

That said, I love to make them anyway. Maybe not resolutions so much but more like redirections and goals. Some are loftier than others, and some are fairly vague (I think one of the rules of setting goals is to make them concrete so that you can know when it is acheived, but since they’re things that *I* want to accomplish then *I* should know when they’re acheived, right?), but this is the short list:

1. No really, I mean it this time: lose weight. I don’t know really how much, but I’ll know it when I’m there. If I have to turn 30, and really I’d rather turn 30 than NOT turn 30, I really don’t want to do it chubby. So I have a few months to get my ass in shape.

2. See if i can rise above my “B+ student” status and be better. I always say that I’m just not an A student, and in some respects this is very true: Bs are easy, As are not so much. But it’s also a cop-out of sorts. So though it won’t really ruin my year to stay the same B student I’ve always been, I want to find out just how much effort it really takes to be an A student. Then I can decide if it’s worth it.

3. Come up with a budget and stick to it. Even though it’s a given that I’m going to lose money, no need to maximize the loss, right?

I have others, but those are the big ones I think. It’s something I guess.

In honor of #2, I’m going to go start studying for Pathology. Before the class even starts! Go me.


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