1 week 1 day!

Can Thanksgiving break come fast enough? No. No it cannot. But it will. I’m almost there, really. Had two exams today – did well on both of course because they didn’t count a whole lot. Actually radiology was fairly crucial because my group did rather poorly on the last group quiz, so we needed a strong comeback. And we got it! It was a really hard one too, so I was very happy with us.

Anyway, the BIG test is tomorrow, in about 8 hours to be exact. And it’s all about cardiovascular physiology, which is really interesting, and conceptually I think really straightforward, but there are many little details and annoying overlaps which allows ones head to get all foggy and confused if one does not master the details. Like how the sympathetic nervous system causes both vasoconstriction and vasodilation…but more of the constricting that the dilating. And maybe it’s veno, not vaso. So you see I need to use the next 8 hours wisely.

So after tomorrow, I have to give a presentation with my case studies group next week (on spinal cord lesions! who hoo!), and then take a very dreaded biochemistry exam on Friday. And then? Then I go home, and don’t think or study at all for a week.

Anyway, by wisely I probably meant studying and not blogging, so back to it for me. Were you expecting something more exciting? I’m a first year vet student and I’m afraid this is as exciting as it gets…


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