And now, here I am.

This is it. I am a vet student. For real.

I forget this sometimes. Really, I do. And then occasionally it hits me: I did it! I made it! I’m here! I’m here.


Back during the three day wretchedness that was orientation (according to others it wasn’t that bad, but I remember feeling distinctly annoyed often, and my cynical self looks back on it with little more than contempt) I often thought about how much I wanted to just fast-forward a few weeks, and to be in the flow, in the routine, be normal. Not be brand new and know nothing (which I love).

And now, I’m here. I wake up early most mornings – my alarm is set for 4:55AM. This means that I usually get out of the house by 6, hit the Kum & Go for coffee at 6:03 and am settled in at a study room at school by 6:15. I found one with a TV with cable, so usually I turn it on to the morning news for some background noise, and use the next hour or two to review the previous days lectures, and study up on anatomy or histology, usually. The early hour sucks, but I’ve found that it’s really effective.

The first morning I did this, as I drove out of the garage in the darkness, a big group of bunnies were having their breakfast (or doing whatever it is bunnies do in the early morning) in the front yard. They were so freaking cute, it made my day. So every morning when the alarm goes off I think of them and look forward to seeing them again. I haven’t seen the same group, but I do usually see a few bunnies elsewhere.

Have I told you about the bunnies? They’re like squirrels in new england – you see them everywhere, all the time. It’s really cute.

So anyway, class starts at 8 or 9. It’s always an hour histo lecture, and then depending on the day another lecture, a lab or a break until noon. I have lunch or go to a club meeting at noon, and then it’s back for another hour of lecture, either biochemistry or anatomy. If it’s Friday, I’m done after this. Otherwise I go to radiology on Wednesdays, or anatomy lab the other three days.

My day is over at 5, 4, 3, 4 and 2, on each respective day of the week. It’s nice.

The late afternoons/evenings are a mixed bag. Almsot always, studying; usually at the coffee shop with some classmates. (Have I told you about my classmates? The ones I’m friends with anyway are all gorgeous and really really smart…hate them a little, but they’re so nice too, I’m really quite lucky.) Sometimes, the gym. Sometimes I “go home and study” which means go home and be a lazy bum. Thursday nights are the new TV nights, so then I go home and clean, and then my friends come over for TV watching and wine.

It’s not a bad life. It’s not as much fun as life used to be, though. Often I feel wasted and indulged – taking four years to get myself educated so that I can eventually do what makes me happy (blah blah blah) when I could just be out there being a productive member of society, living what was a perfectly acceptable life. Most times I’d rather just get married and have a few kids. I feel stupid a lot, too – surrounded by absolute children who grew up with their head up a cows ass and have been reared for this since birth. I said I was cynical.

In all my preparing for vet school, I never really thought much about the reality of it. But it’s pretty good. It’s acceptable. Whatever.


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