high school with scalpels

So I had some friends over Thursday for the Grey’s Anatomy season premier. Usually people come over Wednesday for Project Runway, but that wasn’t on, or it wasn’t a regular new episode or something, so we opted for Grey’s instead. And really I thought it was pretty boring. Yawn. Fun, though, I’m glad my guilty pleasure is back for a while. Not as glad as I’ll be about Lost’s return in October, but glad.

By the way, I believe Lost premiers the night before my next anatomy exam. Boo.

So anyway, Grey’s was boring but I loved how Callie described them all as “high schoolers with scalpels”, or something like that. Because that? Is vet school. High school. Vet school. And it’s a small high school where you know everyone, not one of those big ones where there are thousands in each class. I

Why? Well first, many, MANY of my classmates are only removed from high school by four years. But there’s more to it than that.

We are all in the same classes. We all go to the same classes at the same time, more or less. The only exceptions are that some people go to Histo lab while others go to Clinical Foundations lab, and half the class has Radiology Wednesday afternoons, the other half Friday afternoons. Also, electives – repace photography and sewing with Equine anatomy and beef records analysis.

We have lockers. Each class has a bunch of lockers in the same hallway area, to which you are assigned by last name. In the mornings, it is busy, before anatomy lab when we dive for our lab coats and scalpels and books, chaotic.

We have lunch from 12-1. I have to confess to that slightly frenetic feeling my first day of class: who would i eat lunch with? did i have any friends? i wasn’t proud of feeling that way, but i did. (And I did eat with some friends that day, if you care. I don’t, anymore. Now for lunch I run home if I forgot something, go to the library if I need to study, go to a club meeting if there’s one worth going to, or eat with my friends if I feel like it. )

And the gossip. Some is good, some is bad, some funny, some just mean. But it is SO prevalent. It’s fun, but makes me feel fairly evil – I try to contribute more to the positive stuff.

It was unexpected, this feeling of being a child again. There is such a stark, harsh difference between being a full-time employee and being a full-time student. It used to be I knew what I was doing. I was good at it, people came to me with questions, I was confident and in control. Now, obviously, I don’t really know what i’m doing. I stay on top of it, now I know the bones of the (canine) skull), but Monday when we start the cardiovascular system or whatever comes next, I’ll be lost again. It’s humbling, and makes me glad that I can still work for BU if only a little, so that I can feel that trace of competance even ocassionally.


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