I haven’t felt the way I feel now about weekends since I was in college: that total relief of having a few days to yourself to either have a fun time and/or get things done and get caught up on your life.

The fact is that I really enjoyed working (as opposed to being a full-time student). Sometimes I wasn’t thrilled for Monday to come along, but largely the week was fun, and the weekend was just, more fun.

But last week Friday hit and I could finally exhale, regroup and reorganize. And now, it’s Sunday night and I am saaad to be starting over tomorrow.

I actually had a pretty productive weekend: studied anatomy and went out for dinner and margaritas Friday night; played with sheep, studied anatomy and went out for Italian Saturday night; and today I’ve cleaned, done laundry and, shockingly, studied anatomy. A perfect mix, really – social but plenty of alone time, studying, some cleaning, etc. I did not get to the grocery or actually finish cleaning, and I have yet to read the histo chapter on muscles or start reading radiology…a three-day weekend would be nice. Argh. This has me thinking that I really still have some work to do so I should get to it before it’s too late – trying to stick to 7 hours/sleep per night this week. And at least three trips to the gym, even with the looming anatomy exam (and radiology and case studies quiz). Doesn’t exercise increase oxygen to the brain so that my memory might expand?


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