March 2001: Realized that vet career might be very…

March 2001: Realized that vet career might be very appealing. Started volunteering at the MSPCA shelter.

July 2001: Quit Sapient to spend some time traveling the world and hopefully come back to a job at BU.

September 2001: Events of 9/11 derailed my travel plans. Interviewed with BU/PCSC on 9/12.

October 2001: Started working at BU.

January 2002: Took General Chem 1, my first pre-req.

June 2002: Gen Chem 2.

September 2002: Biology 1, Organic Chem 1.

October 2002: Started working as a part-time animal nurse on the overnight shift at Angell, 2 nights a week.

January 2003: Organic Chem 2, Genetics (huge mistake! really bad idea!)

May 2003: Burnt out from Genetics, Orgo and Angell, decided to not apply to vet school that year. Took the summer off from classes.

September 2003: Cell Biology

January 2004: Biology 2

September 2004: Biochemistry 1 at Harvard Extension; Systems Physiology at BU. Dropped down to just Friday nights at Angell. Finished vet applications for 8 schools for Class of 2009.

January 2005: Started receiving rejections. Got waitlisted at Iowa. Got an interview at Tufts! yeah! Didn’t take any classes because surely, Tufts would love me so much that they’d have to let me in.

February 2005: Interviewed at Tufts.

March 2005: Rejected from Tufts.

May 2005: Started volunteering at the Tufts Wildlife Clinic, one morning a week.

September 2005: Pathophysiology, Immunology. Finished applications for the Class of 2010 at Tufts, Penn, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin.

November 2005: Found out that I had been selected to interview at Kansas.

January 2006: Interviewed at Kansas. Thought my interviewers rather hated me. Hated Kansas. Biochemistry 2.

February 2006: got rejected from Penn, Wisconsin, and sadly, Tufts.

March 2006: rejected from Wisconsin. Wait-listed at Iowa, again.

April 2006: Accepted into vet school! Kansas. Ugh. But yahoo!

So that brings me pretty much to today. I’m moving to Kansas in early August and have no shortage of things to do. I’m letting go of my life here – one that has been full of angst and effort in the past few years, but one that now, of course, I realize is pretty frigging fantastic. So goodbye cozy condo, goodbye best-job-ever with that lovely lovely paycheck, goodbye computer career, goodbye dental insurance, goodbye 5 weeks vacation. Goodbye Boston, goodbye Red Sox traffic, goodbye L’Aroma, goodbye EST. Goodbye 3-hour drive to my family, goodbye weekends with my Mom or at the lake, goodbye cherry blossoms in the Spring and red and orange and yellow in the fall. Goodbye to my friends who I can’t imagine life without. Hello Kansas – someday I hope to be able to create a list of the things I love about you.